Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I think we all have lessons learned many times in our lives, and so often we miss the really important ones that help us truly learn. I always try to remind myself in any situation the fine words of my mother - "It can always be worse." Now, I do say that sometimes we have to feel sorry for ourselves, because noone else will, but I think that I try my best not to let it dwell. I am so grateful for my family, friends, and for having the good Lord in my life. I will always believe that Life is Good with God.

So, here comes the yucky news that happened to us last week on Friday. We went to Pflugerville (near Austin) to see my sister and her family for my neice's graduation party. The party was Saturday, but we decided to go up a day early to help and spend some time with them, because we have not been up there in a very long time. My family and I are not travelers, and we do not go very much at all. Well, when we do - we usually have a story. The last trip was losing our travel trailer off the truck on the Main bridge from Corpus to Mustang Island. That was a year ago, and praise God it all turned out fine, but we almost gave up trips completely. This time - in Austin at our hotel room, the morning of the party - we discovered that our truck was stolen. Talk about a weird feeling, and a big bummer, but we did try very hard not to let it ruin the party. We told the girls that it could have been way worse, and we never know why things happen in life, but surely there is a reason - maybe we were not suppose to drive it home for our safety or whatever. We fell apart later (me and Dean). The economy has really made finances harder in our life, and we realized that since our truck was paid off - just what would we do now - start over and how do we continue our business without something to haul our equipment with, etc.? Yes, we had insurance, but really will they pull through? Honestly, I have not really ever had too much luck with insurance companies, and although you are glad that you have them at the time of need - it feels like you are pulling teeth when you got to get something in return. Sorry - I feel bad for anyone that works in insurance companies, owns them, or anyone that has to use them constantly for medical or whatever. It has to be hard to tell someone those common words - "sorry you are not covered for that". My mind just wondered a whole lot while we were waiting for a phone call. I kept saying to myself over and over - I have been through both, and would rather have a stolen vehicle over a car wreck anyday, but did need a day or two to get my mind together. Dean did too, and I have to say that it is amazing how much a truck can mean to a man. We are better now, and have faith that all will be fine, but it sure does help to chat about it, and I do think there is always a lesson to be learned. I have learned a lot so far, and I have a feeling a lot more will come from this experience along with many more.

Listen to others and ask questions when they are going through a situation in their life - you never know if you may have the same experience one day.
Enter life at your own risk, and always have God on your side. Keep in mind that safety comes first, and always be aware of your surroundings.
Sit down and make sure you understand your insurance policies - ask a lot of questions and do not expect your agent to think about "what would happen if" - you think about it and ask.
Some people may not seem to care about your situation, but I don't think anyone gets it until they have to cross the same bridge - so don't judge others by their lack of compassion.
One picture of your vehicle can show that you are not making up that it truly was a good vehicle, and proves a lot of things. That goes for the items in your house, tools (get seriel numbers), and anything else that can be stolen, burned, or lost.
Never take for granted what you work so hard for, and make sure you make wise choices to protect yourself and your family.
Slow down and pay attention to the blessings that you have, and you will realize just how fortunate you are in life. Also, sharing with others can make you feel a lot better especially if they have been through something similiar themselves or know someone who has, because it reminds you that we all have "crud" happen in our lives, and big or small it is still crud!

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  1. Ah, you sound so sad. I wish I was there to hug you. I know this has been tough but like you said you will get through it. There are days that we think there is no way to survive "this" but we always do.

    You guys are the strongest people I know, so I know you will make it. Maybe you are tired of being the strong one, I'll be the strong one for a while!

    So, I didn't insurance going to pay any? Insurance can be a rip off but we have been without it before and what a blessing to have it when you need it.

    Love ya! Call or e-mail if you need to vent!