Monday, February 14, 2011


I got a call Saturday at about noon that there was a fire out near my parent's house, and it looked bad. My cousin's wife was on the way to their house, and she said that you could see flames in the pasture next to their place. Dean, the girls, and I were on our way to Wal-Mart, and we immediately headed out that way. Usually it takes 25 minutes from town - it didn't take that long this time...... There was a fire a year ago, and I remembered how worried or excited mom was when she was telling me about it. Honestly, I thought to myself that she might have even over exxagerated some, but now I know differently. I don't think most of us really get it until we live a situation or a circumstance ourselves, or at least for myself I now know that is true. We got to my parents, and you could see lots of smoke. Soon, the smoke turned orange, and then you see the flames come over the top of the hill towards their place/home. My parents live on a hill that is one of the tallest places in the county - a beautfiul view of sunsets, stars, the land, etc., but at this moment I thought to myself that we could almost see too much from where we stood. Automatically, your mind & body starts getting into motion. We got hoses ready - I told my parents to gather some items (only an arm full of things, & be ready when it could be time to load up & get out). I also told her to run water & fill up the water tank so that we had plenty of water either for ourselves, or the homes within eyesight. Selfishly - I caught myself hoping the wind would change, but then thinking that there are homes that direction too! Not knowing what is happening only miles away is another fire in a subdivision that needed support from more firefighters due to there being so many homes. So, the one we were watching was going quickly, & not many to fight it were available. The wind was calmer than usual - a lot calmer, & I remember thanking God for that real quick! Ends up that this fire burned over 2,500 acres of land, and no homes were lost. I remembering even thinking that if the goats/deer had to go - I would open the gates, & let them out just so the homes would be ok. I was never so glad to see fire trucks, EMS crews, fire spotter planes, firefighters (most volunteer keep in mind), forrest service men, and neighbors so much. It was an epiphany that I should have known earlier in life - I have felt this way about EMS since my mom survived an accident years ago, but did not get it until this past Saturday how wonderful firefighters are, & how much they truly care. I watched people bring water, sandwiches, sprayers, tractors, equipment, feed sacks, hoses, & so much more just in case it was needed. The fire center or station was at my parent's neighbors house, & we all kept checking in on each other. I cannot thank these volunteers, & all those that serve others in a time of need enough. To top it off - my daughter's Sunday school teacher the next day made it to teach class which may not seem important or relevant to this story, but read on..... He is the fire cheif, & stayed out to fight fire until four that morning.......... Wow. His beeper went off during prayer, and they got called out again. This was the first time my daughter noticed his beeper.... I think she got it too.

Forever is your life changed when you are helped by a neighbor, friend, community worker, or stranger in a time of true need.
Interesting is life when you really look back at the hard times in your life, & you realize that God put people or angels on earth to help you.
Really mean it when you say thank you to someone who protects you, or gives their time & even life to help others.
Everyone has the ability to help others - even the small acts of kindness can mean so much!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I work part time for a bookkeeper, and he also does tax preparations along with a partner. I started this job last year, and tax season was an absolute mind blower for me. I guess I have to admit that I was guilty of thinking that I was the only client back when I didn't work for him, and mine should be done ASAP..... I learned real quick though that less than half of the population pays taxes, and only the ones that show up right away are the ones getting a refund. I also learned real quick that most people think the world revolves around them, and a tax person is suppose to make magic! OK - I know I sound grumpy and mean, but really - taxes and death are something we both eventually have to accept. It is just something that I never really got until I worked in this field, and I guess most of us don't really get most jobs until we are in them, but it still is very interesting..... So, if I come across as being cynical or mean - I am apologizing right now. What I do know is that kindness comes a long way when you are asking for a service from someone - being mean or rude usually just backfires. I can for a fact confirm this in the tax & electrical business - even in the teaching too. ;)

Try too tell the truth when you do your taxes - it could very well come back to haunt you if you don't, and remember you are responsible for the information given to the tax person - not them.
Always come prepared if you have someone do your taxes, and please don't play dumb.
Xrays is what the IRS uses when they audit - I have seen it - have receipts & keep good records.
Educate yourself - ask questions - use the internet for answers if you have acces - if not, don't forget the library.
So what did you do the past eleven months if you absolutely have to have your check right now?? Yes, I was one of those too, but I was at least kind to the person on the phone.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So many gifts given at Christmas, and so many received. I am so grateful for my family & friends that give to our girls. We are truly blessed, and I amazed every year on how much the girls are given! I still think that our most precious gifts of all are given from the good Lord. I thank God for my Savior, my family, my friends, and my freedom.

Giving is better than receiving (I have to work on this one sometimes - I can be a scrooge at times - my family knows this!)
Invite someone to your home or church that is lonely or in need of a friend.
Freedom is something that we take for granted - thank a veteran or someone in the military.
The best gift is love.
Share with others your gratitude, and they will witness grace at work.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I just went to a sweet and dear friend's moms funeral. Her mom has struggled for a long time with cancer, and even though I did not ever get a chance to meet my friend's mom - I learned so much about her through my friend. The service was graveside only, and so many of the words spoken keep coming back into my mind. This woman was a person of strong faith, and hearing so much praise from her husband and children just really made my heart warm. What a life of legacy to live so deep in faith that it is passed on to your children, and through your husband.

She died on this past Saturday - a warm, sunny, still, almost perfect day - one that you must take time to go outside, and take a fresh breath of air (I laid in the hammock). Today was windy, colder, partly overcast, and the first of a true "fall" day - one that you had to frantically search for that coat that is somewhere in the closet. Just before the service - a beautiful and full rainbow appears. The winds became stiller as the minister talked, and I noticed her precious granddaughter dancing in the breeze after the service by herself. I looked up around to see the leaves falling, but in a graceful motion. My friend talked to me a lot about seasons, and how our lives change just like the seasons. I don't think I have noticed it as much as from the day she called to tell me about her mom passing away to today's fall weather - a true & obvious change in the climate. I really think that I will appreciate the seasons in weather, and the seasons in my life more after witnessing "fall" today. I am also inspired to take time to reflect on my, my life, and seasons.

Forever in Christ's arms is something to celebrate.
All are sad to see a loved one leave this earth, but peace trumps the understanding when you know they did not struggle in their faith.
Let your loved ones know how much you care about them - often.
Love will catch you when you fall.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sherry - this one is for you! Yesterday was my sweet cousin's birthday, and my whole family refers to her as Sheshie. I love you gal, and you are like a sister to me. Thank you for always listening to me, loving me, and for putting up with me. You have seen me at my worst, and my best. I miss you living so far away, but I know that you are always close at heart. Happy late one day birthday, and have many more. See ya soon, and please come back to Texas soon!

Sharing is one of Sheshie's finest qualities.
Happy to help, and honest even when you think you don't need it.
Excited to hear good news from family & friends - the first you want to call.
Remembers entirely too much about childhood, but forgives easily (referring to many accidents caused by her older cousin)
Recommends really good books, coffee, food, and wine!
Yesterday is gone - today is here - and tomorrow - you never know (she has helped me see life in a much better way).........


Last time I wrote in my blog it was about our dog, Abby, ending up in the principal's office. This Abby story is about ribs. You have to understand one thing upfront - my husband makes the best grilled ribs I have ever eaten, and all of the family agrees. So, when our girls are given a choice of what to grill outside (this is not often - usually I decide.... meaning the cheapest item), they will pick ribs. Morgan had to go acolyte Saturday evening service, and Deano said that he would take her if I stayed home & started the ribs. Now, he does not offer often to take the girls by himself, because he likes going to church as a family, but I think knowing that hunting season is right around the corner - he was doing a little bit of shmoozing. I was beat from working out at my parents, and to be honest was enjoying the idea of having the whole house to myself for over an hour. My ONLY job was to start the ribs, and this causes some pressure, because only Daddy can do the ribs just right...... Well, I got some helpful tips from Dean before he left, and started the coals after seasoning the ribs. I do NOT remember letting Abby inside the house, but when I went back out to clean off the grill right before the coals were just right - guess who invades the kitchen counter!!!?! Yes, the precious pain in the you know what, took a whole slab of ribs and started chewing away! Did you know a dog can eat really fast? I think that someone from above caught my attention, because I stopped in my tracks while cleaning the grill, and thought to myself - "Where is the ---- dog?" I ran back inside to catch her in the act. Needless to say - one slab was left still on the counter (thank God), and I still cooked the half eaten slab after cutting off one end, and washing it off really good. Macy (our short weeny dog) got a lot to eat that evening, and Abby did not get a rib treat - to my knowledge that is - the girls probably snuck her some. Lesson learned - big dogs can reach counters, and table tops very easily!!!! The next week after this - I caught her standing on all fours on top of our table looking around for food! Luckily nothing was on the table at that time..... Last, my ribs were not as good as Daddy's ribs, but they sure did eat the whole "non touched Abby" slab. ;)

Relaxing outside, and noticing God's beautiful creations is a true joy of life.
Interesting dogs or pets make some interesting stories.
Being calm is taking practice for me, and focusing on breathing is one helpful tool.
Seeing humor in life can sure make it a bit easier at times.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Abby went to the principal's office today. Abby is our dog, and we live about two blocks from school. I was at my parents mowing, and did not have phone service so Dean got the call. She dug out, and decided to go play with the children on the playground. We did not have an I.D. tag on her, because she tore the last one off. Luckily, our neighbor is the school counsellor, and she recognized our treasure......, or pain in the you know what....... One of the sweet aides at school walked Abby home, and waited on the front porch for Dean. Poor Malory was taken out of class to identify Abby, and asked her how they could get ahold of her parents. The principal brought Abby in, and kept her in his office until the aide could take her home. It is too funny now, but I have to admit that the Jenschke family was a bit embarrassed. Makes a great story though, and just shows you how wonderful our school system is not only to our children, but pets as well!

A pet owner should keep tags on their pet with a phone number just in case they get lost.
Be good to your pet, because they love you unconditionally - no matter how you look, how much money you have, or even how you behave.
Be a responsible pet owner.
Yearly shots, and checkups keep your pets around longer.