Monday, February 14, 2011


I got a call Saturday at about noon that there was a fire out near my parent's house, and it looked bad. My cousin's wife was on the way to their house, and she said that you could see flames in the pasture next to their place. Dean, the girls, and I were on our way to Wal-Mart, and we immediately headed out that way. Usually it takes 25 minutes from town - it didn't take that long this time...... There was a fire a year ago, and I remembered how worried or excited mom was when she was telling me about it. Honestly, I thought to myself that she might have even over exxagerated some, but now I know differently. I don't think most of us really get it until we live a situation or a circumstance ourselves, or at least for myself I now know that is true. We got to my parents, and you could see lots of smoke. Soon, the smoke turned orange, and then you see the flames come over the top of the hill towards their place/home. My parents live on a hill that is one of the tallest places in the county - a beautfiul view of sunsets, stars, the land, etc., but at this moment I thought to myself that we could almost see too much from where we stood. Automatically, your mind & body starts getting into motion. We got hoses ready - I told my parents to gather some items (only an arm full of things, & be ready when it could be time to load up & get out). I also told her to run water & fill up the water tank so that we had plenty of water either for ourselves, or the homes within eyesight. Selfishly - I caught myself hoping the wind would change, but then thinking that there are homes that direction too! Not knowing what is happening only miles away is another fire in a subdivision that needed support from more firefighters due to there being so many homes. So, the one we were watching was going quickly, & not many to fight it were available. The wind was calmer than usual - a lot calmer, & I remember thanking God for that real quick! Ends up that this fire burned over 2,500 acres of land, and no homes were lost. I remembering even thinking that if the goats/deer had to go - I would open the gates, & let them out just so the homes would be ok. I was never so glad to see fire trucks, EMS crews, fire spotter planes, firefighters (most volunteer keep in mind), forrest service men, and neighbors so much. It was an epiphany that I should have known earlier in life - I have felt this way about EMS since my mom survived an accident years ago, but did not get it until this past Saturday how wonderful firefighters are, & how much they truly care. I watched people bring water, sandwiches, sprayers, tractors, equipment, feed sacks, hoses, & so much more just in case it was needed. The fire center or station was at my parent's neighbors house, & we all kept checking in on each other. I cannot thank these volunteers, & all those that serve others in a time of need enough. To top it off - my daughter's Sunday school teacher the next day made it to teach class which may not seem important or relevant to this story, but read on..... He is the fire cheif, & stayed out to fight fire until four that morning.......... Wow. His beeper went off during prayer, and they got called out again. This was the first time my daughter noticed his beeper.... I think she got it too.

Forever is your life changed when you are helped by a neighbor, friend, community worker, or stranger in a time of true need.
Interesting is life when you really look back at the hard times in your life, & you realize that God put people or angels on earth to help you.
Really mean it when you say thank you to someone who protects you, or gives their time & even life to help others.
Everyone has the ability to help others - even the small acts of kindness can mean so much!

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  1. How scary. In our area pasture fire is so prevalent. It is nothing to scoff at. I am so glad everything turned out ok for those involved. Our firefighters are truly unsung heroes.