Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Abby went to the principal's office today. Abby is our dog, and we live about two blocks from school. I was at my parents mowing, and did not have phone service so Dean got the call. She dug out, and decided to go play with the children on the playground. We did not have an I.D. tag on her, because she tore the last one off. Luckily, our neighbor is the school counsellor, and she recognized our treasure......, or pain in the you know what....... One of the sweet aides at school walked Abby home, and waited on the front porch for Dean. Poor Malory was taken out of class to identify Abby, and asked her how they could get ahold of her parents. The principal brought Abby in, and kept her in his office until the aide could take her home. It is too funny now, but I have to admit that the Jenschke family was a bit embarrassed. Makes a great story though, and just shows you how wonderful our school system is not only to our children, but pets as well!

A pet owner should keep tags on their pet with a phone number just in case they get lost.
Be good to your pet, because they love you unconditionally - no matter how you look, how much money you have, or even how you behave.
Be a responsible pet owner.
Yearly shots, and checkups keep your pets around longer.

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  1. Oh Abby! Glad all turned out okay!! reminds me of a time when i had a Stella that loved to get out and go a'visiting your house! silly puppies...