Friday, September 24, 2010


My blog today is about a shoe. Yes, a shoe. Yesterday I subbed first grade, and had a very interesting day...... A really sweet first grade class, but had something happen to me that has never happened before in the classroom. I have not taught for ten years, and just started subbing hoping to get a job. Maybe.... One little boy did not want to move his clip after I asked him to because of his behavior. I had warned him several times. When I asked him - he said no and threw one of his shoes at me. It really is kinda funny now that I think back, but I have to say that I am surprised on how much teaching has changed since my days, or is it the kids?? Just so you know - the clip got moved, he eventually got his shoe back, & I got a kiss on the cheek from him at the end of the day. ;)

So many children just want to be looked in the eye, and greeted with a smile.
Happy parents or parent makes happy kids.
Optismistic attitudes are what gets us through life much easier.
Every child has a gift - you just have to look for it.


  1. HA HA HA...he threw a shoe at you! well, at least you got a kiss at the end of the day!! :) LOVE YOU!

  2. I am sure you handled it perfectly or you wouldn't have gotten the kiss! You are such a blessing to those that come into contact with you. Keep your beautiful smile and your caring heart and God will prevail! Love you and so desperately wish you could come sub for me! LOL