Friday, March 26, 2010


I have a really awesome sister. I am blessed beyond what I deserve in a best friend and sibling. She knows me better than probably anyone besides my hubby, and she still loves me. I started a part time job, and I work with a beautiful young woman that also has a sister. I have noticed that they are very close, and I can't help but think of my girls, and hope that they too will develop a relationship that is wonderful. I thank God for my sister, and I thank God he put Morgan & Malory together. I love you sis, and thank you for loving me. I also have close friends too that are like sisters, but we all know that friends may come and go - family is forever. I am truly greatful for my dear friends who are too like sisters. I do have to add also that cousins are great sisters too, and I am blessed too with two that I would do anything for, and love as much as my sis. You know who you are. :)

God blessed the broken road that led me to you, Jeanna.

Sisters are great, but not everyone is blessed by a sibling or a close relationship with theirs. So, find a sister if your heart desires - friends & cousins are good sisters too.
Include your sister in big decisions - they will be honest - maybe even too honest, but just cause they love you.
Share a smile with your sister across the room - she will know what you are thinking.
Tell your sister, friend, or sibling how much you love them. My dad's brother died before him, and he was younger. That was so hard to see how hard it was for my daddy, and I learned then to tell the ones you love now that way you have no regrets.
Everyone needs a friend - be kind, and remember your blessings.
Remember that you are not perfect, and neither is she.
Sometimes we just have a bad day - forgive her if she upsets you b/c I promise she will also have to forgive you too.

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