Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last time I wrote in my blog it was about our dog, Abby, ending up in the principal's office. This Abby story is about ribs. You have to understand one thing upfront - my husband makes the best grilled ribs I have ever eaten, and all of the family agrees. So, when our girls are given a choice of what to grill outside (this is not often - usually I decide.... meaning the cheapest item), they will pick ribs. Morgan had to go acolyte Saturday evening service, and Deano said that he would take her if I stayed home & started the ribs. Now, he does not offer often to take the girls by himself, because he likes going to church as a family, but I think knowing that hunting season is right around the corner - he was doing a little bit of shmoozing. I was beat from working out at my parents, and to be honest was enjoying the idea of having the whole house to myself for over an hour. My ONLY job was to start the ribs, and this causes some pressure, because only Daddy can do the ribs just right...... Well, I got some helpful tips from Dean before he left, and started the coals after seasoning the ribs. I do NOT remember letting Abby inside the house, but when I went back out to clean off the grill right before the coals were just right - guess who invades the kitchen counter!!!?! Yes, the precious pain in the you know what, took a whole slab of ribs and started chewing away! Did you know a dog can eat really fast? I think that someone from above caught my attention, because I stopped in my tracks while cleaning the grill, and thought to myself - "Where is the ---- dog?" I ran back inside to catch her in the act. Needless to say - one slab was left still on the counter (thank God), and I still cooked the half eaten slab after cutting off one end, and washing it off really good. Macy (our short weeny dog) got a lot to eat that evening, and Abby did not get a rib treat - to my knowledge that is - the girls probably snuck her some. Lesson learned - big dogs can reach counters, and table tops very easily!!!! The next week after this - I caught her standing on all fours on top of our table looking around for food! Luckily nothing was on the table at that time..... Last, my ribs were not as good as Daddy's ribs, but they sure did eat the whole "non touched Abby" slab. ;)

Relaxing outside, and noticing God's beautiful creations is a true joy of life.
Interesting dogs or pets make some interesting stories.
Being calm is taking practice for me, and focusing on breathing is one helpful tool.
Seeing humor in life can sure make it a bit easier at times.

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