Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I just went to a sweet and dear friend's moms funeral. Her mom has struggled for a long time with cancer, and even though I did not ever get a chance to meet my friend's mom - I learned so much about her through my friend. The service was graveside only, and so many of the words spoken keep coming back into my mind. This woman was a person of strong faith, and hearing so much praise from her husband and children just really made my heart warm. What a life of legacy to live so deep in faith that it is passed on to your children, and through your husband.

She died on this past Saturday - a warm, sunny, still, almost perfect day - one that you must take time to go outside, and take a fresh breath of air (I laid in the hammock). Today was windy, colder, partly overcast, and the first of a true "fall" day - one that you had to frantically search for that coat that is somewhere in the closet. Just before the service - a beautiful and full rainbow appears. The winds became stiller as the minister talked, and I noticed her precious granddaughter dancing in the breeze after the service by herself. I looked up around to see the leaves falling, but in a graceful motion. My friend talked to me a lot about seasons, and how our lives change just like the seasons. I don't think I have noticed it as much as from the day she called to tell me about her mom passing away to today's fall weather - a true & obvious change in the climate. I really think that I will appreciate the seasons in weather, and the seasons in my life more after witnessing "fall" today. I am also inspired to take time to reflect on my, my life, and seasons.

Forever in Christ's arms is something to celebrate.
All are sad to see a loved one leave this earth, but peace trumps the understanding when you know they did not struggle in their faith.
Let your loved ones know how much you care about them - often.
Love will catch you when you fall.

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