Friday, April 24, 2009


I love pets. My favorite is a dog, but I grew up on a farm/ranch in Doss, Texas, and we had lots of different kinds of pets. Goats, sheep, cows, deer, pigs, dogs, cats, and fish. Most people know that on a ranch - only some animals are truly pets, and the others are wilder, and you don't "pet" them. We would have a baby animal many times not taken care of by the mother, and so we bottle fed many different kinds of animals, and came to love them. That means - we lost a lot of favorite pets, and boy did it hurt. A lot about life and death is taught on a ranch, and part of me wanted to shelter my children from the heartache. Well, everything that you love is worth the risk of loss, and I finally figured out that I learned a lot from my pets, and so my girls should also have that chance. So, we started out with a fish, a gerbil, and a dog (all at once). The dog is still with us, and she is part of our family (our third child and also a "M girl" - Macy). I have learned a lot about pet ownership living in town - things that I never noticed in the country, because it was just known. I try not to be too critical, but notice that some people are truly not the best pet owners. There are also some that just go waaayyyyy overboard with their pets (I may be in that category - not sure). I have learned to just try and keep my mouth shut, and be supportive no matter what. Not sure why - but have been around many tramatic pet incidents that have been tough. For instance, the next door dog attacking a walker with her dog. My cousin having two labs kill his goats, and many howling/barking dogs in the neighborhood that are just flat out lonely! It is truly interesting, and I do know that I am certainly not the most perfect pet owner, but sometimes I pray for common sense when it comes to pet owners. I also see how much joy some pets have given the elderly, other families we know, and that just warms my heart so much. I just hope my girls learn that pets take responsibility, and the balance of life can be a joy when you take care of those in your space in a serious manner.

Pets need attention - play with them as if they were a child - just as you should feed, water, and take them to their yearly doc visits.

Enjoy your pet while they are with you - their lives usually go quicker than our own, and each one is so special. They will love you unconditionally, and they don't talk back!!

Take your pet away from home every now and then (if your pet is able). They would love to see more of the world other than just the backyard. Use a leash though!!

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