Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This past year has been tough. I know it could be way worse, but it seems like my heart has been heavy. My parents are having a hard time with health, and I am thankful they are still with us, but just so hard to see their bodies and lifestyles change. Our darn truck got stolen, and that was a real pain in the wazoo. Yes, Dean got a new one, but just seems like we have to start all over since the last one was finally paid off. Our business is struggling more than ever, and it is our ten year anniversary for having a business. We had to tell one of our employees that we did not have enough work, and all worked out fine with that, but it was very hard. I need to get a job, but do not want to leave Dean without help on our business end. A very close friend just found out his cancer is back. So many men and women are away from their families defending our country. I am tired of hearing nothing but fuss when you turn on the news. It just seems like things are so hard for so many, and it hurts to see your loved ones and even strangers struggle. Saying all that - I have to confess that I have lashed out at God. Asking him why does it have to be so hard? I have not done that in years, and really not sure if I ever have before. It hit me this morning the word that I wanted to post about is Faith. Why haven't I thought of that before - I guess I have, but was just not ready to give it all to God. I hope so much that I learn from these struggles to not just have faith in God when things seem harder, but all the time - even during the good times. I'm sorry God - I will have faith again....

Free yourself from worry, and give it all to God.
Always know that God and Jesus love you more than you can even imagine.
It hurts to see the ones you love struggle - God feels the same way about his children (you).
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.
Hope is what we all lean on to survive and faith holds our hope. Keep your heart full of hope.

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  1. Oh Teresa, we all struggle with faith. Doesn't make it right or even acceptable but we do. I am there with you sister! It is hard to let God take over, let go. In the past when I finally decided to give it to God, it turned out even better than I ever thought possible. Hang in there!