Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This past Monday was our first day of school for the girls - third grade and sixth. I did not cry at Kindergarten at all, but after dropping off my oldest at Middle School - I cried. It is a hard time for both girls and boys during this time in their life. It was a weird feeling, because it is the same middle school where I went, and way scarier when it is your child. Lots of prayers and listening is what my goal will be this year, and I thank God that I am able to pick both of them up and be with them after school. I hope everyone enjoys their education, because it really is a privelege. These are some of my thoughts when it comes to kids going to school, but I guess they can even apply eslewhere. No, I don't do them all as much as I should, but will try harder.

Sit down and have supper or one meal a day with your children, and ask questions.
Cool parents establish rules, and stick to them as much as possible (admitting mistakes).
Hope for the best, and say a lot of prayers for your kiddos.
Old people (as in parents are not always cool) so just deal with it.
Optimism is your best tool when teaching a child from experience, because modeling a positive attitude can help them learn a great outlook on life.
Listen as much as you can to children - really listen - even if you don't have kids, you can help - look them in the eye and give them your full attention.

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  1. Ahhh....our baby is in Jr. High! I am a little teary eyed too! I still remember how excited I was when Morgan was born. She was like my little glimmer of hope.

    She is a beautiful girl and will do just fine. It is a stressful time of life but they handle it much better than we do!

    Give my girls hugs and I wish Malory all the luck this year too. Wish I was her teacher!!!