Friday, September 11, 2009


Grouch is my new word - for me. I cannot seem to quit being so negative and grumpy the last several weeks. Yes, some of you that know me well are thinking - she's been that way a long time. I have been a grouch at my kids, my hubby, and I need to snap out of it! I took up running, and it helped some, but not enough. So, I am going to try my best to work on self-control. I have tried before to work on keeping my mouth shut, and I still have a big mouth, but as of today - I am working on self control and that helps with the mouth thing which leads to the grouch stuff....... Wish me luck and here are my thoughts on the word grouch.

Get over it - take a walk, breath, or just simply count to whatever number works. Boy, this is gonna be hard for me......
Relax somehow - find a way to make yourself chill. Alcohol and caffiene will backfire.
Optimism helps, and everyday think of five things that you are grateful for in your life, and stay positive. My granny always says - it could be way worse, and she is so right.
Understand that everyone - even yourself are only human. Humans are grouchy - ask yourself why you are that way - like kids - tired, hungry, thirsty, or simply spoiled.
Cool it with a bath or shower - seems to help anyone.
Have some time to yourself - any quiet time that you can simply pray, meditate, or listen to God.

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  1. Oh honey, if you are a grouch, I hate for someone to tell me what I am!!! I was just about to write a post on how bad this week has been. A little too overwhelming!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I will think about it a little more before I share my feelings with the world. LOL. Seems like when I can't take any more everything turns around. May not be the turn around I was hoping for but it does get better. Love ya and hang in there!