Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This title is mainly about getting up and getting out. I have blogged about running before, and I just wanted to share that it has helped me tremendously. Now, please note that I do not always run, but do a whole lot of walking too. I have to admit that the doctor was right, and it only took me ten years to really hear him. Excercise is good and it helps. So, get up and go. I feel so much better about inside and out by exercising. Time? Yes, finding time is usually hard, but sometimes I think I used it as an excuse. I do admit that my work load is not as heavy as the full time working moms/dads, but there is still time if you make it. I really have come to the conclusion that we just do not look around enough to see all the beauty, and a great way to remind us is the outdoors. My kids seem to like getting out too - the weather is good now so enjoy, and the dogs love their walks!

Unleash your worries, fears, anger, and stress by exercising.
Positive people get up and do something. :)

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