Friday, October 9, 2009


I was reminded yesterday how important small acts of kindness can be to others. If you pay attention - a smile can really make someones day. I love to smile at somebody, and wait for their reaction. They either seem surprised, smile instantly back, smile and start talking, or just look at you like you are weird (probably thinking do i know her). Now, don't get me wrong - I do not smile all the time at others, because sometimes I am just plain grumpy, but I am going to try it more often. One simple act of kindness can really just change a person's view of others, and brighten their mood. I just need to remind my girls of this too, because a smile is contagious, and nowadays we need something good to catch instead of getting sick! Try it - smile and see what happens.

Show others you care by looking them in the eye, and don't forget to smile.
Many people are struggling way more than you will ever know, and could use a nice gesture.
Introduce yourself to someone new (keep it public), and you may just make a friend.
Let somebody know they look nice or give them a compliment - they will remember it all day.
Enjoy friendly people whenever you can, because it will make up for the meanies.

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