Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I found out last Saturday that God puts people in your life as you need them. Our help arrived soon after we got home to find a water leak from a busted pipe in our home. We were gone only four hours, and our house was completely flooded with water. You know it is bad when you drive up to notice water coming out of the garage and front door! We made some phone calls, and were amazed with our friends, family, and neighbors that dropped everything to come to our rescue. Even the Servpro company (clean up crew) was very impressed in how fast we got everything out. The tile floors were saved by the many fans that dried out the whole block (i mean house), but our bedroom floors were torn out along with baseboards in every room. I felt sorry for myself a couple of times, but realize now that it could have been way worse, and are grateful that we have a home to come back to with each other. I thank God we have wonderful people in our lives, and it reminds me that it is very important to help others every chance you get!

Help someone in need, because your turn will come when you need it too.
Enjoy the help when you can get it, and be sure to be thankful.
Love one another - that goes a long way!
People can be your angels on earth, and watch closely to see how blessed your are in life.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your "flood". What a mess!!! Glad everyone came to your rescue to help out and yes it is amazing to see the support we have in times of need. Love ya and hang in there!