Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday, I loaded up most of my parents herd of cows to haul to the auction. Dean and I have been helping my mom and dad for awhile now, and bought half of the herd from them awhile back. To make a long story short - we cannot keep up with the herd, fences, feeding, etc. My parents ranched all their life together - ranched only - no other job on the side, and I just don't know how they did it. Well, I do, but it is not the life that I could live. I want more things, and I have a hard time admitting that. They lived a simple, quiet, resourceful life that sounds wonderful to me now, but we "wanted" too much. It may sound weird, but those cows are going to teach me something - I know it. They already did, but I need to learn more. It really was hard to close the door to my parents livelihood - not all the way, but downsize and I hope that they are OK with it. They are now getting social security, and it is the first time in their lives that they have a guaranteed check every month! They love it. I have noticed that there are so few anymore that are truly living off the land, and ranching/farming is a trade that is slowly becoming endangered. I mean the true ones that work only off the land and depend on it. Thank a rancher or farmer next time - they are amazing people. Why did it take me so long to respect, and appreciate my parents more in how they made a living?

Cows can be mean - only because they feel threatened usually - MOVE when they are come to close.
Only experienced persons should work cattle or help work cattle - otherwise stay in the truck.
Watch a cow - they eat, take naps often, have no modesty, and protect their young - what a life!
Share with your parents if you can that you appreciate what did to raise you - it was hard work to them, and so often we feel unappreciated.

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  1. just FYI, you should also move when sheep get too close... :-P