Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Christmas is always the time of year for giving and reflection. I am always amazed at the amount of advertisement, money, and time that once a year can take. Every year - I do the same thing too. I end up thinking to myself how much money we spend, and tend to become my Grandpa - God bless him. I remember him saying many times at Christmas - "We should not be giving gifts, but just be getting together and enjoying the time." I would think to myself as he opened a gift that we gave him that he was a scrooge. Ironically, too Grandpa was probably one of the most generous men that I have ever known. Now, look at me - not only did I get the gift of "gab" from him, but also the grumpiness at Christmas. I have done some heavy thinking lately, and have to say that part of my grumpiness does have a point. I think of so many people that don't have a choice in what gifts to give each other, and the hungry. Maybe I myself needs to focus more on them, because that kind of giving is so much more fun. I had a lady tell me the other day about a family that she adopted for Christmas. The child about ten said he wanted a jacket and socks. His mother would love a Wal Mart gift card, but what she really needed was laundry detergent. I about fell over with guilt. This has been the hardest year financially that we have had in a long time, and I still have absolutely no shortage of socks or detergent in my house! My own little selfish rear end was worrying how I was going to buy my girls a bracelet (one that would buy a lot of socks!). Oh, how does it all go hay wire? I guess I just want to remind myself of the many blessings that I have, and want to sit down tonight at dinner and talk about how we can help someone else out this year that truly has NEEDS and not just "wants". I too remind myself that the best gift of all is that I was taught about God, Jesus, and grace. It puts a whole new meaning to Merry Christmas......

Never assume that you are the only one with hard times.
Enjoying each other is truly one of the best gifts at Christmas.
Every year for Christmas - listen and I promise you will hear of somebody that is truly in need - help them, and sit back to feel the joy.
Do your best to teach your children or children in your life about the gift of giving.
Sharing your giving is not necessary - giving secretly is much better - try it and see.

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  1. Oh girl, we are so related! This year has been so hard and it just seems to keep piling on with no end in sight. I have worried and worried about Christmas and how I was going to fill my children's every whim because it brings me joy not because I want them to have it all.

    Every year our family makes a tradition to always give to others who do not have what we do. My kids and I volunteer at Toys for Tots and Meals on Wheels each year. It takes these times to remind us of how RICH we are.

    I do believe in still giving to our family and to each other. It is a time for us to show, not just say, how much we love them and cherish the fact that we are family. It brings joy to us to see the ones we love happy.

    I have said ALL this to say: even when times are hard we are still blessed because we have one another..... Money and things do not bring happiness or joy..... Each of us have our definition of "struggling" or "hard times"..... Give when you can and always look for those that need more than you do...... You can always do something!